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Recover Deleted Files software for NTFS Hard Disk


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Are you suffering from data loss by accidental formats or by unknowingly performing some wrong operation? Windows NTFS files recovery software is the best solution for your common data loss problems. Our advance and easy to use files retrieval utility provides you accurate recovery of all your lost or missed files, directories, images, critical business documents, audio video files etc and restore them at user defined safe location.

Award winning Recover Deleted Files software for NTFS Hard Disk provides complete solution when data files have been accidentally deleted or the media is formatted. Another common problem is data lost by virus attack and software-hardware malfunctioning. NTFS file recovery specialist is helpful in extreme data loss cases where critical NTFS (new technology file system) file system data structures have been damaged or your computer may produce error messages along the lines of “Master boot record not found” or “Invalid partition table entries” etc. Our NTFS file retrieval utility combines with advanced scanning technology which makes it powerful enough to tackle with all data loss situations and fully capable to recover every lost files as original as possible.

NTFS files unerase program is non destructive and read only utility so that it does not harm other files and folders saved in storage media.

Software Feature:
  • Professional recovery tool is capable to retrieve data in most critical situation when other software fails to recover data.
  • Deleted data backup tool restore formatted files and folders even after recycle bin is emptied or data deleted using Shift + Del key.
  • Application tool recovers data from all previously existing hard disk partitions.
  • Supports all major types of Hard disk drive including EIDE, IDE, SATA, SCSI, and ATA etc.
  • Fully support commonly used hard disk brands such as Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba, Hitachi, Lenovo, Samsung, Maxtor and more.
  • Provides recovery of files and folders saved in different file format like Picture (jpg, png, jpeg, gif, bmp, tiff), Audio (mp3, wav, mp4), Text files (html, txt, pps, xml), and Video (avi, mpg, mpeg, mov) etc.
  • Best graphical user interface (GUI) offers easy and quick data recovery.